Dear Sir,

my name is Moon-Gu Kang. I am a long time TI since my childhood, victim of mind control and gangstalking. One of the specialty of gangstalking is poisoning. I’ve been poisoned very often slightly and sometimes very severely too. I suffer on sleep deprivation almost every night due to microwave and laser attack against my body and head, especially against my right-side head. I’m a victim of mind control program of the Illuminatis, the minions of the central bankers. It seems this kind of targeting looks like an experiment but It looks like a political cleansing too. Because of the huge power the perps enjoy, the conclusion of goverment envolvement can’t be excluded.

Kind regards, Moon-Gu Kang

Who wrote this poem?


„We traumatize you from birth, and then we blame you for not being perfect. We make you nuts, and then blame you for being that way. We steal from you on so many levels, and then blame you for feeling the need to hold onto things (which we call selfishness). We torture your mind, and then blame you for reacting to it. We steal your intellectual property, and then blame you for feeling disturbed. We ruin your life, and then blame you for not being able to make your way in the world. We turn your whole life upside-down, and then blame you for being negative. We cause you physical and mental problems, but then deny you disability. We program you from birth, and then blame you for not being what you were supposed to be, had we not messed with your head in the first place. (And in my case) We make you spend half your childhood in a house of mirrors, and then blame you for being a narcissist. (Also in my case) We place every importance on your body as a woman, and then blame you for being too focused on your body.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the world of the double bind, designed to cause cognitive dissonance in those who are the designated sacrifices. Problem, Reaction Solution: They cause the problem in you, and then demonize you for your reaction, and the apparent solution is torturing you to death.

I even heard one of them tell me that we are just food to them. Let them reap that karma, all of it, including any karma caused as a result of what the target has most likely been put through since birth.“

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My comment: I’ve been referred to this writing by Britta Leia Jaccard and I habe to say:

Applies exactly to my life – as a victim.

Oh, dear! What a hell I was born into!

At this point I have to ask, who are these perps?  – I guess they are just the Illuminatis. The minions of the central bankers.  They do the dirty jobs for the central bankers, sucking the blood of their human fellows.

Some information about the Illuminatis:



Another interesting Blog about e-weapon and gangstalking: http://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.de/?m=1


“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”

I don’t know who talked the above lines, but something is true. What they’ll do with an enemy who has guns?

If they consider some ideas more dangerous then guns, what they will do with people with ideas?

Oh my God! Is this the reason, why secrect services all over the world are killing their good people in their own country? I guess, all secret servises are controlled by illuminati-freemasons which are minions of the central bankers.

From my life:
In 2010 I left Germany because of too many poisoning attacks. I’ve been staying in South Korea for one and a half year.
But the targeting continued over there from the first day. Between 2012 and 2015, I’ve been staying in England with the same result. From the first day I’ve been targeted.

As a TI there is no escape because the secret services from all over the world are connected. They need just give one call and the targeting continues. Even in China I’ve been targeted.

Even in the church where I seeked for help, people ridiculed and targeted me as well. They even poisoned me in the church! I know that they have been told some lie about me, but what kind of lie can justify such an execution without listening to the accused man.

Life is so crazy. Even though they poisoned me, I went there again in order to tell them what’s going on. I told them that I’m a Mind Control victim and the perps are Satanists. But they just acted like my perps and humiliated me during talking what the perps told them to talk.


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